Our Hall Of Fame (167 Total)!

Hall of Fame Certificate

42 International and 125 National Titles

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Mrs. Universe - Shannon Ford


Mrs. Radiance World - Melissa Behnke
Ms. Senior International - Lauren Scott Monahan
Ms. Radiance World - Joyce Bubenheim
Ms. Classic World - Angela Harwell
Ms. Classic United States - Janice Robertson-Celeste
Ms. Classic America - Yvonne Ludwig
Miss American United States - Chelsea Zayas
American Beauties National Excellence Elegant Ms. - Joyce
American Beauties National Mrs. Division Spokesperson - Pamela


USA Top Model Classic - Wendi Russo
World's Imperial Beauties Miss - Brandi George
World's Perfect Classic Woman - Delores (Dee) Lane
Mrs American Spirit Classic - Laura Anders Kutryb
Mrs. Earth International - Tammy Caison
Miss Junior Teen Earth - Tiffany Caison
Ms. Nationwide - Angela Harwell


Ms. Senior Universe - Sherry Richards Strother
Lady Premier World - Delores (Dee) Lane
Ms. Earth - Corinne Devin
Mrs, Royalty International Woman - Wendi Russo
Miss Junior Teen Royalty America - Chloe Russo
Ms. Royalty International - Brenda Piccirillo
International Classy Ms - Angela Rowe Chambliss


*Mrs. Premier World - Wendi Russo
Ms. National United States - Laura Anders Kutryb
Pure International Pageants - America - Angela Lynn Rowe Chambliss
Ms. Universe - Tammy Caison
Ms. World International - Nancy-Ellen Martin
American Natural Beauties Classic Ms. - Joyce Bubenheim


Mrs. United Nations - Wendi Russo
Little Miss United Nations - Chloe Russo
Ms.America International-Tracy Jones Rodgers
American Beauties National Elite - Janice Robinson-Celeste
USA Petite Mrs. - Kristine Lowe McGoldrick
Mrs. Regal Majesty - Nancy-Ellen Martin


Little Miss American Beauty - Tiffany Caison
*Mrs. Globe Classic - Donna Brown
Mrs. US of A Globe Classic - Debbie Permoda


Ms. Galaxy International - Corinne Devon
Ms. American Renaissance - Kelly Wagner
Mrs. Petite World - Beatriz Gill
Mrs. American Dream - Tammy Caison
National Miss Citrus - Brandi George
Ms. United America Elite - Deanna Bebeau
Today's American Woman Elite Ms. - Joyce Bubenheim
Elite American Beauties - Lauren Scott Monahan


*Mrs. International - Amy Gregorio
Mrs. United States - Madalyn Kamkar Haake
Mrs. US Continental - Debbie Bomford
Mrs. Global America - Kristen Rossow
Mrs. North America Globe - Kathy Polston-Dalton
Ms. MWI International Elite - Delores (Dee) Lane
Mrs. Petite America - Beatriz Gill
Beauties of America 60s - Billye Fietz
Beauties of America 40s - Anji Meidel
USA Petite Ms. - Dr. Juli Goldstein
*Ms. American Beauty Plus Elite Ambassador - Suzanne Sheaffer
A special mother daughter crowning at the
Midwest Nationals Beauty Pageant
Ultimate Grand Supreme - Daughter Chloe Russo
Midwest National Dream Queen - Mother Wendi Russo


Ms. United States - Corinne Devon
Mrs. Woman Petite America - Michele Sharpe
Miss Coed Freedom - Brandi George
Ms. World International - Juanita Brown Ingram
Mrs. American Renaissance - Bethany Baugh Norman
Ms. American Dream Woman- Jami Jamison
Ms. Classic American Dream- Pamela Heydt-Conlin
Mrs. United States World Universal - Beatriz Gill
Beauties of America 60s - Lauren Scott Monahan


Mrs. World - April Lufriu
Mrs. America - April Lufriu
*Mrs. United States - Shannon Ford
*Mrs. Galaxy International - Kellie Lightbourn
Beauties of America 50s - Deanna Bebeau
Mrs. Petite World - Yvette Ludwig
Miss Petite World - Chelsea Zayas
Mrs. US United - Beatriz Gill
Mrs. Corporate America - Kelly Wagner Fason
*Miss American Dream TeenAger - Katye Trexler
Mrs. USA Petite 2011 - Tanya Eldemire
Mrs. American Dream - Cammy Brown
Ms. Senior American Dream - Karla Myers


Ms. United America Classic - Billye Fietz
Mrs. All American - Marci McNair
Mrs. Woman All American - Melissa Hagan
All American Woman - Debbie Permoda
Mrs. American Dream 2010 - Lynn Thomas Maggio
Miss American Dream 2010 - Kristin Adams
Ms. American Dream 2010 - Heather Fox
American Dream Lady 2010 - Tanya Eldemire
American Dream Senior 2010 - Beth Weems Pirtle
Beauties of America’s 50s 2010 - Kathy Lauer
Miss Petite America 2010 - Chelsea Zayas
Ms. Woman Petite America 2010 - Yvette Ludwig
Ms. Galaxy 2010 - Yolanda Makle
Miss Junior Galaxy 2010 - Unjanee Wells
World Elite Classic Ms. 2010 - Jera Lynn Anders
Miss American Rennaisance 2010 - Tisha Savage
Ms. American Rennaisance 2010 - Brenda Piccirillo
Global America U.S. Lady 2010 - Joyce Bubenheim
Miss Teen Citrus 2010 - Allison Donato


Ms. Beleza Latina 2009 - Yolanda Makle
*Mrs. United America 2009 - Angela Harwell
America's Perfect Miss 2009 - Julianne Pruitt
Ms. United America 2009 - Corinne Devin
Mrs. All American 2009 - Chris Miller
Mrs. All American Woman 2009 - Janice Oulton
All American Woman 2009 - Tammy Caison
Mrs. Natural Beauty USA - Kimberly Erickson
Miss Teen Natural Beauty USA - Madison Erickson
Miss Junior Teen United States 2009 - Copelyn Jue
Miss Teen Galaxy 2009 - Emma McInnes
Ms American Rennaissance 2009 - Charissa Payer
Miss American Rennaissance 2009 - Amanda Mazzie
Teen Miss Global US 2009 - Alyssa Miller
American Image Ambassadorial Queen 2009 - Sheila Strassburg
American Image Woman 2009 - Lori Donaudi (Thomas)


All American Teen 2009 - Alyssa Miller
All American Ms. 2009 - Brenda Piccirillo
All American Classic Woman 2009 - Stephanie Arnold Merchant
America's Perfect Mom - Traci Pangonas
Miss Junior Teen United States - Camille Sims
Miss Global US Pre-Teen - Sierra Gill
Miss Global US - Tisha Savage
Ms. Global US - Melanie Kittrell
*Global US Lady - Joyce Bubenheim
Miss Global America US - Rachel Stowe
Global America US Woman - Kimmie Roderick
Global America US Lady - Billye Fietz
Miss Global America - Tisha Savage
Mrs. Global America - Amanda Davis
Global America Classic Woman - Leslie Gallagher
Global America Lady - Billye Fietz
Miss American Dream - Jasmine Mitchell
Miss Teen American Dream - Hannah Lopa
Miss American Victory - Brandi George
Mrs. All American Woman - Lauren Scott Monahan


*Mrs. United States 2007 Stephanie Hunt
*Ms. United States 2007 Lauren Wanger
Ms. Galaxy 2007 Daphne Rice
Miss Teen Galaxy 2007 Amanda Mason
Junior Miss Galaxy 2007 Catherine McGhee
Mrs. American Dream 2007 Dr. Kirstin Snow
Ms. American Dream 2007 Tammy Caison
Miss American Dream 2007 Allison Johnston
Miss Teen American Dream 2007 Dani Feigenberg
*Ms United Nation US 2007 Traci Lynn Pangonas
All American Teen 2008 Ashley Lake
*Mrs. All American 2008 Dina Orr
All American Woman 2008 Karin Jenkins
Ms. All American 2008 Melissa Hagan
*Mrs. United America 2008 Deanna Bebeau
Ms United America 2008 Charissa Payer
Ms Classic United America 2008 Kathy Lauer
Miss Teen America's Touch of Class 2007 Dani Feigenberg
East Coast USA National – 14 Years and Up -
Grand Supreme Theresa Hallatt


*Mrs. International 2006 Suzy Bootz
Mrs. Galaxy 2007 Deborah Weston
Ms. United Nations International 2006 Kelly Fason
*Mrs. United America 2007 Donna Brown
*Ms. United States Woman 2006 Dawn Basham
Beauties of America 40s Charissa Payer
*All American Woman 2007 Pam Bolter
All American Lady 2007 Billye Feitz
All American Miss 2007 Niki Wartenburg


*Mrs. America 2006 Andrea Preuss
*Ms. Golden America 2006 Joyce O’Brien(Ms Elite American Beauty 2007)
Prior to the commercial release of the PageantHelp DVD in 2006,
special preview versions were used by Joyce and Andrea.


Mrs. United States 2003 - Andrea Preuss used one of our previous
products “The 2002Mrs. United States Pageant Director’s / CoachCut
to prepare for her victory at the 2003 Mrs. United States Pageant.
This product was produced in cooperation with the Mrs. United
States Pageant and was commercially available through
CustomFlix.Com until August 2005 when it was discontinued
(no longer offered for sale).

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